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agi_game Struct Reference

#include <agi.h>

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Detailed Description

AGI game structure. This structure contains all global data of an AGI game executed by the interpreter.

Definition at line 130 of file agi.h.

Public Attributes

struct agi_block block
int clock_enabled
unsigned int color_bg
unsigned int color_fg
UINT32 crc
char cursor_char
int cursor_pos
char dir [MAX_PATH]
struct agi_dir dir_logic [MAX_DIRS]
struct agi_dir dir_pic [MAX_DIRS]
struct agi_dir dir_sound [MAX_DIRS]
struct agi_dir dir_view [MAX_DIRS]
UINT8 echo_buffer [40]
struct agi_word ego_words [MAX_WORDS]
struct agi_event ev_keyp [MAX_DIRS]
int exit_all_logics
int game_flags
int gfx_mode
int has_prompt
int has_window
int horizon
char id [8]
UINT8 input_buffer [40]
int input_enabled
int input_mode
int keypress
int line_min_print
int line_status
int line_user_input
struct agi_logic logics [MAX_DIRS]
int lognum
UINT32 msg_box_ticks
char name [8]
int num_ego_words
unsigned int num_objects
int picture_shown
struct agi_picture pictures [MAX_DIRS]
int player_control
UINT8 pri_table [_HEIGHT]
int quit_prog_now
UINT8 * sbuf
int simple_save
struct agi_sound sounds [MAX_DIRS]
int state
int status_line
SINT32 ver
struct vt_entry view_table [MAX_VIEWTABLE]
struct agi_view views [MAX_DIRS]
struct agi_block window

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