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/*  Sarien - A Sierra AGI resource interpreter engine
 *  Copyright (C) 1999-2001 Stuart George and Claudio Matsuoka
 *  $Id: view.h,v 1.11 2001/08/05 16:02:48 cmatsuoka Exp $
 *  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 *  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 *  the Free Software Foundation; see docs/COPYING for further details.

#ifndef __AGI_VIEW_H
#define __AGI_VIEW_H

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C"{

struct view_cel {
      UINT8 height;
      UINT8 width;
      UINT8 transparency;
      UINT8 mirror_loop;
      UINT8 mirror;
      UINT8 *data;

struct view_loop {
      int num_cels;
      struct view_cel *cel;

 * AGI view resource structure.
00035 struct agi_view {
      int num_loops;
      struct view_loop *loop;
      char *descr;
      UINT8 *rdata;

 * AGI view table entry
00045 struct vt_entry {
      UINT8       step_time;
      UINT8       step_time_count;
      UINT8       entry;
      SINT16            x_pos;
      SINT16            y_pos;
      UINT8       current_view;
      struct agi_view   *view_data;
      UINT8       current_loop;
      UINT8       num_loops;
      struct view_loop *loop_data;
      UINT8       current_cel;
      UINT8       num_cels;
      struct view_cel   *cel_data;
      struct view_cel   *cel_data_2;
      SINT16            x_pos2;
      SINT16            y_pos2;
      void        *s;
      SINT16            x_size;
      SINT16            y_size;
      UINT8       step_size;
      UINT8       cycle_time;
      UINT8       cycle_time_count;
      UINT8       direction;

#define MOTION_NORMAL         0
#define MOTION_WANDER         1
#define     MOTION_FOLLOW_EGO 2
#define     MOTION_MOVE_OBJ         3
      UINT8       motion;

#define     CYCLE_NORMAL            0
#define CYCLE_END_OF_LOOP     1
#define     CYCLE_REV_LOOP          2
#define     CYCLE_REVERSE           3
      UINT8       cycle;

      UINT8       priority;

#define DRAWN           0x0001
#define IGNORE_BLOCKS   0x0002
#define FIXED_PRIORITY  0x0004
#define IGNORE_HORIZON  0x0008
#define UPDATE          0x0010
#define CYCLING         0x0020
#define ANIMATED  0x0040
#define MOTION          0x0080
#define ON_WATER  0x0100
#define IGNORE_OBJECTS  0x0200
#define UPDATE_POS      0x0400
#define ON_LAND         0x0800
#define DONTUPDATE      0x1000
#define FIX_LOOP  0x2000
#define DIDNT_MOVE      0x4000
#define     ADJ_EGO_XY  0x8000
      UINT16            flags;

      UINT8       parm1;
      UINT8       parm2;
      UINT8       parm3;
      UINT8       parm4;
}; /* struct vt_entry */

#define for_each_vt_entry(x) \
      for (x = game.view_table; (x) < &game.view_table[MAX_VIEWTABLE]; (x)++)
#define if_is_ego_view(x) \
      if ((x) == game.view_table)

/* Motion */
void    check_all_motions (void);
void    move_obj  (struct vt_entry *);
void  in_destination    (struct vt_entry *);
void  fix_position      (int);
void  update_position   (void);

/* View table management */
void  set_cel           (struct vt_entry *, int);
void  set_loop    (struct vt_entry *, int);
void  set_view    (struct vt_entry *, int);
void  start_update      (struct vt_entry *);
void  stop_update (struct vt_entry *);
void  update_viewtable(void);

void  unload_view (int);
int   decode_view (int);
void  add_to_pic  (int, int, int, int, int, int, int);
void  draw_obj    (int);

#ifdef __cplusplus

#endif /* __AGI_VIEW_H */

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